Immersive Cities

Soundscapes for language learners

Immersive Cities

Amidst the global pandemic, which has significantly curtailed international travel, the concept of cultural exploration has transformed. In this new paradigm, the notion of journey extends to novel, sensory destinations where sound serves as a conduit for imagination, fostering an immersive understanding of cities, places, geographies, cultures, and languages.

"Immersive Cities" is a project tailored for students of Italian at the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne. Led by various sound artists, participants will embark on auditory journeys through different Italian cities, exploring the sonic identities of these places, voices, and cultures—imagined and studied through language and experience. This immersive experience of listening to soundscapes aims to expand beyond language learners to anyone captivated by the heart of the Italian soundscape.

Conceived and developed by the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne, curated by Dr. Leandro Pisano.

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